Saturday, January 15, 2011

Kindred sisterhood: On the Edge everyday

I work out at my local "Y" on a regular basis and happen to go at a time of day when many of the "Silver Sneakers" members are there. These older folks are there faithfully and usually stay after their exercise time is through for some camaraderie and conversation around the tables in the Commons area. More often than not, their discussions are peppered with laughter.

In the locker room with the older women, many in their 70's and 80's, I'm always struck by their resilience and tenacity. Those old bodies show a history, tell the stories of lives that haven't always been easy. There are missing breasts, scars from surgeries, canes, walkers, glasses, gnarled joints and yet, here they are. They bolster each other, listen, share stories. They keep showing up, keep laughing, keep moving forward.

These are true "women on the edge", in fact we all are! Life is tough and no one is given a free pass to avoid what is unpleasant or difficult, but what God has given us are the gifts of compassion for others and an amazing strength of spirit. Exercising those gifts, along with a healthy dose of laughter, can do wonders to help ourselves and each other keep on moving down this path of life.

Karen Anderson

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