Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wonder and Astonishment

By Eugene Peterson
Birth: Wonder...Astonishment...Adoration. There can't be very many of us for whom the sheer fact of existence hasn't rocked us back on our heels. We take off our sandals before the burning bush. We catch our breath at the sight of a plummeting hawk. "Thank you, God." We find ourselves in a lavish existence in which we feel a deep sense of kinship-we belong here; we say thanks with our lives to Life. And not just "Thanks" or "Thanks It" but "Thank You." Most of the people who have lived on this planet earth have identified this You with God or gods. This is not just a matter of learning our manners, the way children are taught to say thank you as a social grace. It is the cultivation of adequateness within ourselves to the nature of reality, developing the capacity to sustain an adequate response to the overwhelming gift and goodness of life.

Happy Thanksgiving

Friday, November 21, 2008

This Weekend!

Midwest Mountaineering is proud to host the festival's 33rd anniversary world tour.

Click for Festival Info.

The Banff Mountain Film Festival (held in Banff, Alberta from November 1st to 9th, 2008) accepts over three hundred mountain films into it's competition, the top fifty or so are screened throughout the festival. Every year the films feature a range of styles and themes, including climbing, skiing, kayaking, biking, adventure, culture and the environment.

Prizes are awarded in eight categories: Grand Prize, Climbing, Mountain Sports, Mountain Environment, Mountain Culture, Short Mountain Film, and Feature-Length Mountain Film, and People's Choice. The international jury will announce the Best of the Festival award winners at the awards ceremony on Sunday, November 9th.

The tour brings a selection of the best films from the festival right here to Midwest Mountaineering! Whether you are an experienced mountaineer or an armchair adventurer, this event is for everyone. Don’t miss the excitement!

Banff Festival Update

The Banff Mountain Film Festival pre-screening committee viewed 296 films during the month of September and 53 finalists have been selected.

Our Friday, Nov 21 and Saturday, Nov 22 will contain completely different films. You may want to attend both nights and see all of the films!Mel and I are taking our dates on Saturday night.

  • Banff Film Festival shows are located in Willey Hall auditorium, rooms 125/175.
  • Tickets are $15.00 each — or see both showings (completely different films) for $25.00 and save $5.00.
  • Tickets go on sale Saturday, October 18th at 10:00 a.m.
  • Tickets are available:
    At the customer service counter in Midwest Mountaineering for no service fee.
    - or -
    Buy Online Here for a $3.00 service fee per order.
    - or -
    Telephone (612-339-3433) for a $5.00 service fee per order.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Kristy says....Ski Sale!

For anyone who may be interested Three Rivers Park will be having their annual cross country ski sale December 13th (Saturday) from 8-11am At the Baker Ski chalet. 763-694-7660. They have kids (cheaper than adult skis) & adults. Get there early they go fast. Last year I got boots, skis & poles for $60.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Well Spoken Word

Psalm 10:14
Let the word of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be accptable in Your sight, O Lord, my strength, my Redemer.

A word fitly spoken, wrote the wise Solomon, is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.
Like Jello, concepts assume the mold of the words into which they are poured. Who has not been stabbed awake by the use of a particular word... or combination of words? Who has not found relief from a well-timed word spoked at the precise moment of need. Who has not gathered fresh courage because of a word of hope penetrated the fog of self-doubt? The word word remains the most powerful of all four letter words.

Colors fade
Shorelines crumble
Temples crumble
Empires fall
But a word fitly spoken endures.-Charles Swindoll
Simple Faith