Monday, August 22, 2011

Hey Paddlers--
Just to be clear, there WILL still be a Women on the Edge dragon boat team for which you can sign up in the spring, no experience necessary and paddle in the North Shore Dragonboat festival the last weekend in July.
The new team we're creating is for those looking to "step it up a notch". We'll be meeting and keeping in touch starting this fall and setting fitness gaols as well as working on paddling form and technique. If this is for you, contact us soon!

Karen and Lisa

Friday, August 19, 2011

Off the Edge Dragon Boat Team

It happens every year, after the rush of the final heat, the murmurings begin that last day of July in Grand Marais at the Dragon Boat festival...What if we had a few practices...what if we worked together a bit more, could we win???
Ok, you competetive girls (and you know who you are!) let's cut the chatter and give it a go!!  Let's meet this fall to set some fitness goals, plan some fun cross training and work on a little paddling technique. We'll start this fall with some fitness goals and paddling technique exercises, keep in touch via e-mail and a meeting or two over the winter and spring (hopefully getting out on some water!) and next summer:  The North Shore Dragon Boat Festival in Grand Marais  AND Phalen Dragon Boat Festival in St. Paul!
Don't let the thought of one more time commitment scare you away.  This will be FUN!  We'll have things you can do individually and a few group activities, too! 
 We need 20 committed team mates. Please email Lisa Ender or Karen Anderson by Sept 15 with any questions and we will let you know the secret location of the first meeting, where we'll have more details.  Even if you aren't sure, you could still come to the meeting to check it out!!!
Paddles up!

Lisa and Karen

Sunday, July 31, 2011

North Shore Dragon Boat Festival 2011

Oh My Word, we had such a great time. 42 women, 2 teams, One Spirit. We hit the parade grounds all gussied up for a royal wedding as Princess Kate IS a Dragon Boater you know! We won the "Best in Parade" honors and this time we got a prize! Pie and Ice....scrapers! Yep, we won four pies from the pie place and they were DEEE licious !!
Now off to the races. There were 5 women's teams this year. Of course The Otters and the Birkies were there. And a new team, the BB's. They were formidable opponents! They were young and strong, but in the finals it was a 3 boat race. They edged us out by only .3 seconds. And the Otters were not that far ahead. They are totally beatable, wait til next year. Post race traditions were fully observed.... 

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wednesdays Rock: Climbing With Women

Wednesdays Rock: Climbing With Women: "The experience of a guy who pretended he was a woman (Well, not really. He just put on a wig.) and went climbing with a bunch of women. I li..."

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Women on the Edge Gone Wild!

New Adventure!!
Friday, August 26, 4:00 p.m. Sunday Aug 28
Learn fly fishing, dockside devotions, pontoon knee boarding and tubing, Yogadevotion, diving contests, yard games, ATV’S, exploration of Mud Hen Lake by kayak, all one hour away from your home! Prizes for the smallest and ugliest fish. All meals cooked on the campfire. What do you want for $99? Sign up and see what you get! Kellie Cardinal and Lisa Ender will host this event at Kellie’s cabin near Siren, Wisconsin.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hey paddlers!! July 29 is approaching! There are only TWO spots left for this crazy-fun event!
Next meeting: July 14, 7pm at St. Andrews
paddles up!

Monday, April 25, 2011

A Royal Gathering!

Women on the Edge will hold the first meeting for the 2011 Dragon Boat Team this Thursday, April 28 at 7:00 in the Fireside Lounge in the Great Hall
That is the fact.
The freaky part is that the boat is already full and we are working on Team 2! I know, it's crazy.
Let that be an indicator to you, this event is fun. There is a sign up deadline of June 1, 
but if I were you and I just might be, I would either sign up now, or come Thursday and sign up.
This is royally nutz.

and Carole, what the heck?
2glass, we need you.
Kneisl, are you onboard? Angie, Pepper Anne? Texas?

Here are the details and some downright convincing propaganda

Friday, July 29-july 31,
Be a part of the St. Andrews WOTE Dragon Boat Race Team! Once again, Grand Marais, MN and the shores of Lake Superior will be the stage for the Dragon Boat Festival. No paddling or parade experience needed. We will camp in the Municipal Campground. An info/planning meeting for all interested women: Thurs. April 28th 7pm St. Andrew's Fireside Lounge. Your fee of $125 reserves your spot in the boat.
Click here to register.

Here are some comments from last year

What a strong, crazy, fun bunch of women! The positive energy was vibrant, making me wish we could do this every month...if only MN winters didn't last so long and families weren't such a strong draw. Many thanks for all the love and good times. Great name for us Mary, "Girls with the Dragon Tattoos", very edgy!

I wanted to express my thanks for the absolutely WONderful weekend I had with you all. You were warm and inviting and darn fun to play with! And let me reiterate others' expressed sentiments when I say that I came out of this weekend having a new sense of personal accomplishment, as well as the enjoyment of sharing that communal experience with such great women. And yes, I'm wearing my tattoo proudly for all to see (and ask me about)!!
I do have a lot of photos and will forward some to you as I get them downloaded.
Thank you all again. I loved it

Thanks Lisa and all else, everyone had their place in making for a great time in the wonderous north. We are already talking about joining in again next year! "Sweet Pea"

Hey, Girls with the Dragon Tatoos- It was great to be paddlin' with you all up in the land we love! THANK YOU, organizers and cooks! Has the popcorn salad recipe been posted?
Peace, Mary Straiton
I wanted to tell you that all of my bookclub/college friends told me - multiple times - how much they loved being a part of Women on the Edge. They were thrilled to meet so many women in an atmosphere of such openness and acceptance.

"Also, so rejuvenating to be out with such lovely surroundings. Not to mention the extraordinary company. Looking forward to next year." - Sweet Pea

"As much as I hate using psycho-babble buzzwords, I came away from this experience feeling quite 'empowered' as a woman, and as an individual that can accomplish something difficult if I really try hard (and don't pass out)." - Jan

Friday, April 22, 2011


Come on up to the Great Hall at St. Andrew's. Troy from Gateway Cycle will give us a little info on preparing our bikes for spring riding and then we ride. Meet up at 9 am.