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Monday, August 30, 2010

New Photos added to slideshow

Take another look. I have added the photos contributed by Dick Hess, father of Patty and Anne, but not Pattianne.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

106 women jump right in to help victims of abuse

Personally I would jump from a perfectly good airplane, but these women did, they jumped clean off the Edge. Aging but Dangerous!!

Star Tribune
The sky above Baldwin, Wis., was filled with women Saturday.

As the centerpiece of a fundraiser, 106 women between the ages of 50 and 80 took parachute jumps to demonstrate, in the organizers' words, that "women can do anything they put their minds to."

The mass jump was organized by Aging But Dangerous, a Minneapolis-based advocacy group for women.

Proceeds from Saturday's event will be donated to Cornerstone, a Bloomington-based group that helps abused women. The amount raised wasn't certain Saturday afternoon, spokesman Marty Keller said.

Organizers billed the jump as a world record after contacting Guinness World Records and determining that a mass skydive by women hadn't been designated as a record category, he said

Mary Jackson says...

I hope you are having a great summer! I wanted to share an excellent opportunity to bike and learn more about fixing a flat, biking in traffic, and finding scenic places to tour in Minneapolis!

You are invited to the Ladies Night Bike Clinic, this Tuesday, August 31 at 6 PM. This is free, NO CHARGE, a lot of fun AND the first twenty registered participants will receive a related bike tool or accessory.

More information below and site to register ...

Ladies Night Bike Clinic and Ride
Tuesday evening, 6-8 pm, 8/31
Location: Meet at Downtown Minneapolis YWCA (1130 Nicollet Mall)
Bring: Your bike, helmet, bike lights, and your questions!

Register: http://www.bikewalktwincities.org/ambassadors/event-registration

What: Fix your own flat and explore northeast by bike: 8.5 miles ... Build your traffic skills by riding to Nicollet Island, Boom Island Park, the Northeast Arts District, Central Avenue, and back to downtown.

I hope to see you there!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Muddy Buddy

I ran this race in Boulder 2 years ago. It was a blast. I couldn't quite get anyone to do it with me this year. Oh well maybe next year. It is this Sunday Aug 22 at Afton Alps at 8 am. Maybe you should go check it out and see if you would like to do it next year!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

As Long as it Works

Many of us wonder how we’ve managed to get so stuck in our spiritual lives – how we just don’t feel as though we’re making any progress, even though we’ve tried to figure out what the blockages are, what particular aspect of our personal history we haven’t healed yet, who we may not have forgiven, or what deep, dark secret may still be hidden in our psyche. And while any one of those could be the reason we’re stuck, I’d like to suggest that there may be another, simpler reason: what we have, or what we are doing, still works for us!
Booth quotes a great observation on how long we are likely to remain in one of the stages by integral philosopher Ken Wilber: “We remain in each stage for however long it works for us – whether a few years, a few decades, or an entire lifetime. We usually work very hard to defend and justify where we are as the 'right' place and will criticize others who are at different stages.” (Unfinished Evolution, pg. 22)
We all know people who bemoan their lack of spiritual growth or progress, but who don’t seem to be interested in the discipline or consistency it would take for them to move forward. At times, we may find ourselves in this same position. But it doesn’t just happen in our spiritual lives - the same apparent inability to move on can be found in people who are in abusive relationships, or need to make a career change, or who need to make lifestyle changes for the sake of their health. Again Booth quotes Wilber (pg. 23) “…once in a great while, if we’re lucky, we run across new information or find ourselves in a new situation, or experience something that our normal way of seeing the world cannot accommodate, and we grow, often in spite of ourselves.”
Walk Through the Door
I would encourage you to look at any new or
unexpected situations that may appear in your life at this time, even if they are uncomfortable, as grand opportunities to take a leap forward, even though your new landing-place might not yet be clear to you. It may be that where you are, or what you are doing, no longer works for you, and you’re about to be led to a new level of experience – one that you may have feared, and yet, one to which you’ve longed to transition!
You have nothing to fear; a door of opportunity has been placed before you. Center yourself, go to that place of peace within, and walk through the door knowing that you will find what you need to keep moving.
Next week, we’ll take a look at what that may mean for you. Blessings!
Rev. Linda L Wilson, BS, MA, D.Div, is an ordained minister and holistic health practitioner. She is an inspirational speaker, seminar and workshop leader, and writer who enjoys volunteering with Habitat for Humanity and performing weddings and ceremonies of union.

Although we work and evolve through some great changes, sometime transformations happen instantaneously and for reasons no one yet understands. Read more about these Quantum Changes.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Who wants to go?


When: Saturday, August 21, 2010

Registration begins April 1, 2010

The NightOwl Classic is a non-competitive bike ride along the Mississippi River at dusk. The ride will start and finish at historic St. Anthony Main and tour some of the Twin Cities’ most well known landmarks along the river, all with the back drop of the twinkling skyline.

Three ride flights are offered with two start times:
A 3.5 mile "Mini-Hoot" at 7:00 pm
An 8.5-mile "Family Flight" at 7:30pm - – we encourage children, families and less experienced riders to take the 8.5 mile ride.
A 16.5-mile “Hoot Loop” at 7:30pm - – a longer rider for more experienced and city curious riders.

The parkways will be closed for riders, with the entire course re-opening to traffic at 10:00pm.

Adding frivolity to this mid-summer night ride:
• Pre-ride Festivities
• Music
• Food
• Prizes
• Trick Your Ride – spiff up your bike with streamers and crepe paper or build a whole new bike.There will be a prize for the best tricked out bike!
• Bike Safety Check – don’t let your bike ruin your ride. Tire and brake checks and helmet checks courtesy of area bike shops.
• Costume Contest – Where a costume and win a prize!
• Featured Pit Stops
• Post-ride specials at area restaurants


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Liz's Popcorn Salad

Popcorn Salad (for 20 people)

6.5 oz. bag Old Dutch Popcorn- air popped
2 c. chopped water chestnuts
1/2 c. chopped green onion
2 c. celery chopped

1 lb. bacon
2 c. shredded cheddar

2 c. mayo
2/3 c. sugar
3 TBSP white vinegar

Enjoy on the shores of Lake Superior with a bunch of spectacular women!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Thanks Lisa and all else, everyone had their place in making for a great time in the wonderous north. We are already talking about joining in again next year! "Sweet Pea"

Hey, Girls with the Dragon Tatoos- It was great to be paddlin' with you all up in the land we love! THANK YOU, organizers and cooks! Has the popcorn salad recipe been posted?
Peace, Mary Straiton
I wanted to tell you that all of my bookclub/college friends told me - multiple times - how much they loved being a part of Women on the Edge. They were thrilled to meet so many women in an atmosphere of such openness and acceptance.

"Also, so rejuvenating to be out with such lovely surroundings. Not to mention the extraordinary company. Looking forward to next year." - Sweet Pea

"As much as I hate using psycho-babble buzzwords, I came away from this experience feeling quite 'empowered' as a woman, and as an individual that can accomplish something difficult if I really try hard (and don't pass out)." - Jan

What a strong, crazy, fun bunch of women! The positive energy was vibrant, making me wish we could do this every month...if only MN winters didn't last so long and families weren't such a strong draw. Many thanks for all the love and good times. Great name for us Mary, "Girls with the Dragon Tattoos", very edgy!

Hugs to All, Tamara

Greetings to you all!
I wanted to express my thanks for the absolutely WONderful weekend I had with you all. You were warm and inviting and darn fun to play with! And let me reiterate others' expressed sentiments when I say that I came out of this weekend having a new sense of personal accomplishment, as well as the enjoyment of sharing that communal experience with such great women. And yes, I'm wearing my tattoo proudly for all to see (and ask me about)!!
I do have a lot of photos and will forward some to you as I get them downloaded.
Thank you all again. I loved it.
Jan Shivers
(One of Mary Hosier's "girls")

Monday, August 2, 2010

Megan and I had a great time with the Women on the Edge last weekend. What a great group of friends. We're heading home, tired and dirty but so in love with the north woods. God has blessed us in so many beautiful ways.
Peace and love,

Home Again

Wilted houseplants.

No margarine. (Or bananas. Or tomatoes.)

Two tablespoons of milk in the bottom of its massive jug.

Dirty spaghetti bolognaise pots in the sink.

Empty toilet paper roll in the master bathroom.

My husband, caked in mud and sweat stood next to the mower, smiling. “Honey! I fixed the sprinkler system!” I braced myself, imagining Argonne and a backyard riddled with holes when the kids rushed over.

Maddie was first. “Mommy! Mommy! You got a medal? Dad! Come see! Mom’s got a medal!” Harry was next, gasping his shocked three-year-old gasp before looking up with awe. “You have a tattoo?”

I was home. Given the catalog of minor hiccups mentioned above, I’d say the weekend was a huge success. So what if the kids ate ice cream twice in one day? (Once for breakfast – and no, I’m not kidding.) So what if the bills are sticking to the kitchen table because it desperately needs to be wiped down? So what if there’s a pile of laundry the size of a Clydesdale lopped on my dining room table? At least it’s clean.

This morning as I drank my coffee, (my hubbie was wise enough to ensure that we had coffee) I walked around the house assessing the damage and forming my plan of attack. My thoughts turned to all of you. What would you encounter this morning on your first day back? Would you endure similar ‘hiccups’ or suffer major convulsions?

Whatever you’re facing this Monday, here’s my advice. Keep that medal nearby. If your boss drops you in it, you read an ugly, demon email, or your teenager reverses the car into the mailbox, it doesn’t matter. You are a Woman On The Edge. You, my dragon sister, can DIG deeper and vault yourself over any obstructions. You, o dragon heart, can REACH around any barriers blocking your way. Should things be grim, please, take a deep breath and COUNT TO TEN. We’ll be counting right along with you.

And, heaven forbid, these words don’t resonate because you’ve found yourself in a heap of trouble. Then, my dearest, close your eyes and listen. You’ll hear our voices singing:

In the summertime

Up in Grand Marais

In the summertime

We’ll be paddlin’ all day

We’ll be paddlin’, we’ll be paddlin’ we’ll be paddlin’,

We’ll be paddlin’ all day…

Just keep paddlin’. You’ll get there. You are a Woman on the Edge and I believe in you.

In much love and admiration,

-- ‘Cat’ McNerlin