Monday, August 22, 2011

Hey Paddlers--
Just to be clear, there WILL still be a Women on the Edge dragon boat team for which you can sign up in the spring, no experience necessary and paddle in the North Shore Dragonboat festival the last weekend in July.
The new team we're creating is for those looking to "step it up a notch". We'll be meeting and keeping in touch starting this fall and setting fitness gaols as well as working on paddling form and technique. If this is for you, contact us soon!

Karen and Lisa

Friday, August 19, 2011

Off the Edge Dragon Boat Team

It happens every year, after the rush of the final heat, the murmurings begin that last day of July in Grand Marais at the Dragon Boat festival...What if we had a few practices...what if we worked together a bit more, could we win???
Ok, you competetive girls (and you know who you are!) let's cut the chatter and give it a go!!  Let's meet this fall to set some fitness goals, plan some fun cross training and work on a little paddling technique. We'll start this fall with some fitness goals and paddling technique exercises, keep in touch via e-mail and a meeting or two over the winter and spring (hopefully getting out on some water!) and next summer:  The North Shore Dragon Boat Festival in Grand Marais  AND Phalen Dragon Boat Festival in St. Paul!
Don't let the thought of one more time commitment scare you away.  This will be FUN!  We'll have things you can do individually and a few group activities, too! 
 We need 20 committed team mates. Please email Lisa Ender or Karen Anderson by Sept 15 with any questions and we will let you know the secret location of the first meeting, where we'll have more details.  Even if you aren't sure, you could still come to the meeting to check it out!!!
Paddles up!

Lisa and Karen