Saturday, December 4, 2010

Would you be afraid? A surprising answer. Well, surprising and refreshing to me.

This woman has been biking solo for 18 months and finds being a woman is very helpful. Here’s part of her response when asked, “Is it safe to be packing estrogen?”

“It’s the estrogen you see; a masterful diva of devotion, distraction and 24 hour road side assistance on a bicycle tour of foreign lands. The estrogen extravaganza, a festival of aid in which the men of the world bolt forward unsolicited with thoughtful assistance and not usually needed helpful action…Being a woman is the most useful of the safety plans and survival tools that I pack daily in my panniers/bicycle bag as I cycle around the world. A tool that so quickly melts all language barriers that at times I wonder why there is such an exaggerated stereotype of women travelling solo as unsafe especially if they are travelling independently by bicycle.”

Read here whole story at the link.

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