Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Unscheduled Events

from Spirituality and Health Magazine

We feel so good when we make plans and put our lives in order – it may even look as though we’re actually going to get everything done on time! But often life has other plans for us. For example, as many of you know, I had every intention of being in shape to participate in a triathlon in "August 2011". I was well into a good workout routine when I took a fall and dislocated my hip. After a month, I’ve just barely begun to be able to work out for a couple of minutes at a time, and now, with all the snow and ice, I feel a bit uneasy even going outside my front door.

The church I attend presented their children's Christmas program on Sunday; they’ve been practicing for weeks, and though I’d been really looking forward to it, I ended up in the ranks of those who couldn’t get there due to the blizzard - the snow plows hadn’t made it to our neck of the woods because the main roads needed so much attention.

Instead of getting upset, I decided I could take advantage of the situation by staying at home and making progress on a complicated computer class I’m taking – then the power went out at least ten times. Each time, the modem and router had to reset themselves and I had to figure out how to get back into the program. I had once told our minister that anyone who thinks that working on a computer isn’t a spiritual practice hasn’t had to do it very much! Part way through the day, however, I decided that I wouldn’t let myself get terribly frustrated or angry, but would enjoy the many breaks as an opportunity to cook, check on the weather, or read. I refused to give up my joy, and specifically chose to practice patience.

Our lives seldom follow the schedule we lay out, and this gives us the chance to understand ourselves better and to see exactly how our spiritual practices are carrying over into life’s unscheduled, and sometimes unwanted, events. Here’s a great suggestion from the book Impermanence: Embracing Change (Snow Lion Publications, 2008): “No matter what you are doing. . . the most important thing is what your attitude is towards what you are doing. So whatever you do, offer that to the universe so that becomes the universe.”

The lights just went off again! It’s nighttime and totally dark…but we’ve got flashlights! What an adventure! Whatever your weather, whatever your situation, whatever unscheduled events take place today that stretch your spiritual muscles, have some fun watching your reactions and adjustments!

I send you blessings.

Rev. Linda L Wilson, BS, MA, D.Div, is an ordained minister and holistic health practitioner. She is an inspirational speaker, seminar and workshop leader, and writer who enjoys performing weddings and ceremonies of union.

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