Monday, August 2, 2010

Home Again

Wilted houseplants.

No margarine. (Or bananas. Or tomatoes.)

Two tablespoons of milk in the bottom of its massive jug.

Dirty spaghetti bolognaise pots in the sink.

Empty toilet paper roll in the master bathroom.

My husband, caked in mud and sweat stood next to the mower, smiling. “Honey! I fixed the sprinkler system!” I braced myself, imagining Argonne and a backyard riddled with holes when the kids rushed over.

Maddie was first. “Mommy! Mommy! You got a medal? Dad! Come see! Mom’s got a medal!” Harry was next, gasping his shocked three-year-old gasp before looking up with awe. “You have a tattoo?”

I was home. Given the catalog of minor hiccups mentioned above, I’d say the weekend was a huge success. So what if the kids ate ice cream twice in one day? (Once for breakfast – and no, I’m not kidding.) So what if the bills are sticking to the kitchen table because it desperately needs to be wiped down? So what if there’s a pile of laundry the size of a Clydesdale lopped on my dining room table? At least it’s clean.

This morning as I drank my coffee, (my hubbie was wise enough to ensure that we had coffee) I walked around the house assessing the damage and forming my plan of attack. My thoughts turned to all of you. What would you encounter this morning on your first day back? Would you endure similar ‘hiccups’ or suffer major convulsions?

Whatever you’re facing this Monday, here’s my advice. Keep that medal nearby. If your boss drops you in it, you read an ugly, demon email, or your teenager reverses the car into the mailbox, it doesn’t matter. You are a Woman On The Edge. You, my dragon sister, can DIG deeper and vault yourself over any obstructions. You, o dragon heart, can REACH around any barriers blocking your way. Should things be grim, please, take a deep breath and COUNT TO TEN. We’ll be counting right along with you.

And, heaven forbid, these words don’t resonate because you’ve found yourself in a heap of trouble. Then, my dearest, close your eyes and listen. You’ll hear our voices singing:

In the summertime

Up in Grand Marais

In the summertime

We’ll be paddlin’ all day

We’ll be paddlin’, we’ll be paddlin’ we’ll be paddlin’,

We’ll be paddlin’ all day…

Just keep paddlin’. You’ll get there. You are a Woman on the Edge and I believe in you.

In much love and admiration,

-- ‘Cat’ McNerlin


Sparky said...

perfectly worded! I love you, Cat quit crying!!;)

Sparky said...

Perfectly worded! I love you, Cat McNerlin! Now quit crying! ;)

Liz said...

What a great post, Cat! Are you sure it wasn't my house that you walked into though? It all sounds frighteningly familiar~

I took home with me many gifts from you all this weekend~ so thank you~you are all fabulous women~

Peace out and Rock on!
LIz Schreier