Wednesday, August 18, 2010

As Long as it Works

Many of us wonder how we’ve managed to get so stuck in our spiritual lives – how we just don’t feel as though we’re making any progress, even though we’ve tried to figure out what the blockages are, what particular aspect of our personal history we haven’t healed yet, who we may not have forgiven, or what deep, dark secret may still be hidden in our psyche. And while any one of those could be the reason we’re stuck, I’d like to suggest that there may be another, simpler reason: what we have, or what we are doing, still works for us!
Booth quotes a great observation on how long we are likely to remain in one of the stages by integral philosopher Ken Wilber: “We remain in each stage for however long it works for us – whether a few years, a few decades, or an entire lifetime. We usually work very hard to defend and justify where we are as the 'right' place and will criticize others who are at different stages.” (Unfinished Evolution, pg. 22)
We all know people who bemoan their lack of spiritual growth or progress, but who don’t seem to be interested in the discipline or consistency it would take for them to move forward. At times, we may find ourselves in this same position. But it doesn’t just happen in our spiritual lives - the same apparent inability to move on can be found in people who are in abusive relationships, or need to make a career change, or who need to make lifestyle changes for the sake of their health. Again Booth quotes Wilber (pg. 23) “…once in a great while, if we’re lucky, we run across new information or find ourselves in a new situation, or experience something that our normal way of seeing the world cannot accommodate, and we grow, often in spite of ourselves.”
Walk Through the Door
I would encourage you to look at any new or
unexpected situations that may appear in your life at this time, even if they are uncomfortable, as grand opportunities to take a leap forward, even though your new landing-place might not yet be clear to you. It may be that where you are, or what you are doing, no longer works for you, and you’re about to be led to a new level of experience – one that you may have feared, and yet, one to which you’ve longed to transition!
You have nothing to fear; a door of opportunity has been placed before you. Center yourself, go to that place of peace within, and walk through the door knowing that you will find what you need to keep moving.
Next week, we’ll take a look at what that may mean for you. Blessings!
Rev. Linda L Wilson, BS, MA, D.Div, is an ordained minister and holistic health practitioner. She is an inspirational speaker, seminar and workshop leader, and writer who enjoys volunteering with Habitat for Humanity and performing weddings and ceremonies of union.

Although we work and evolve through some great changes, sometime transformations happen instantaneously and for reasons no one yet understands. Read more about these Quantum Changes.

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