Sunday, July 31, 2011

North Shore Dragon Boat Festival 2011

Oh My Word, we had such a great time. 42 women, 2 teams, One Spirit. We hit the parade grounds all gussied up for a royal wedding as Princess Kate IS a Dragon Boater you know! We won the "Best in Parade" honors and this time we got a prize! Pie and Ice....scrapers! Yep, we won four pies from the pie place and they were DEEE licious !!
Now off to the races. There were 5 women's teams this year. Of course The Otters and the Birkies were there. And a new team, the BB's. They were formidable opponents! They were young and strong, but in the finals it was a 3 boat race. They edged us out by only .3 seconds. And the Otters were not that far ahead. They are totally beatable, wait til next year. Post race traditions were fully observed.... 

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