Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dogsled, Ski and Snowshoe Adventure

The trip is full, pretty much, you can sign up on the waiting list online if you really want to go. There is no one waiting at this tiem so you might just be able to go! The pre trip meeting is Jan 14 at 7:00 pm at Trinity Lutherna Church in Stillwater. Here is a pack list.

As many of you know, the way to dress is in layers!
Sleeping bag
Silk or polypro long underwear or
Several pairs of wool socks
Snow pants or windbreaker pants to keep the snow off
Wool or fleece pants
Windbreaker top/shell top to keep snow off
Warm winter jacket
Several pairs of mittens/gloves (whatever you prefer)
Wool or fleece shirts/sweaters
Stories/books/journals/quiet time stuff
Water bottle
Sun glasses

Additional items that may be nice to have
Bathing suit?
Slippers (no boots in buildings)

Bring a shrunken wool sweater (previously ruined) to do a project (look at Goodwill.) Scissors and a large eye needle will be useful as well.
If you have you own cross country skiis, please bring them. Please try to limit your gear to one duffle bag.

Now that I look at this list I would advise all people to pack these things and keep them packed so you can be ready to go on an adventure at a moments notice, The Minnesota summer pack list is not much different.

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