Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dog Sledding at Menogyn

Wilderness Dog Sledding

Menogyn offers dog sledding as part of our winter family camp or group retreats. Come up to camp for a long weekend, stay in our heated cabins, and spend the days outside, skiing, snowshoeing, and of course, dog sledding.

We have about 20 dogs that live at Menogyn from late December until early March. Many have run and finished races like the Beargrease and the Iditarod. They are some of the best-trained and well-mannered dogs in the country and love to share their role in fun, outdoor living.

Our dogs are taken care of by two mushers and two trail staff members who live and work at camp all winter. Our staff will train you on how to interact with the dogs, teach you about sled dog history, safe mushing, and take you out on a run. You'll even have the opportunity to mush your own sled if you desire.

Most groups spend 3+ nights with us in order to have a couple full days of activities. Contact Maureen (Mo) Martin at 763-230-9310 or by email for more details. [back to top]

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